Mini Combo Monday- Barbie Girl

Mini Combo Thursday- Get Back Up Again

Mini/Test 1 Tap-

Better When I'm Dancin

Mini Combo Thursday- Fly To Your Heart

Mini/Test 1 Tap- Almost There

Beginners Jazz- All About Me

Beginners Jazz- Black Magic

Test 1 Ballet- Once Upon A Princess

Beginners Hip Hop- Me Too

Beginners & Junior Hip Hop- Push It

Junior Hip Hop- Wind It Up

Junior Modern- Reflection

Junior Jazz- C'est La Vie

Test 3 Ballet- Dear Life

Junior Acro- Circus

Bronze Medal & Bronze Star Tap- Bang A Drum

Junior Modern- Cinderella

Junior Jazz- Strut

Test 2 Tap- Dancin In The Street

Bronze Medal Ballet- Firework

Bronze Star Ballet- Stronger

Intermediate Jazz- A Little Party

Intermediate Hip Hop- 1,2 Step

Intermediate Modern- Still The One

Intermediate Jazz- On The Floor

Intermediate Hip Hop- Get Your Freak On

Intermediate Modern- Bring Me To Life

Petite Jazz- Salute

Petite Modern- Try

Petite/Senior Hip Hop- Medicine

Senior Jazz- Man I Feel Like A Woman

Senior Modern-

Not Ready To Make Nice

Petite Jazz- Diamonds

Petite Modern- Magic

Petite/Senior Hip Hop- Rihanna Megamix

Senior Jazz- Hush Hush

Senior Modern- Zombie

Senior Acro-

Tik Tok

Senior Tap- Candyman


Senior Ballet- Poker Face

Musical Theatre- Annie

Junior Jazz Comp Team- Voodoo Child

Senior Jazz Comp Team- Confident

Senior Tap Comp Team- Do It Like That

Senior Modern Comp Team- Footprints In The Sand


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